SYCAC in Brief
The Syrian Civil Administration Center is a Turkish NGO registered in Istanbul in 2013. Founded in 2012 by a group of Syrian and Turkish citizens who believe Syria needs an alternative to military solutions for its internal problems, SYCAC strives to promote peace through better governance and the provision of lifesaving aid. Since its inception, SYCAC has developed a core expertise in training Syrian local and provincial councils. This expertise derives from the hundreds of seminars and workshops that SYCAC has conducted over the past four years to improve the capacity of local Syrian government structures to provide services to the Syrian people. SYCAC works from offices in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Aleppo.


What We Do
SYCAC partners with local and provincial councils inside Syria and supports them to build their capacities through embedded advisors. Our advisors train council leadership in critical governance skills like strategic planning, fundraising, organizing elections, budget management, and citizen outreach. SYCAC has also used its working relations with local councils to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and guide service provision initiatives like trash collection, water and power distribution and telecommunications.


Where We Work

SYCAC trains Syrian councils in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo and in the Damascus suburbs of southwest Syria. A up to date overview on our partner councils can be found here