SYCAC at a glance

We envision a Syria with a vibrant civil society and an accountable civil administration that contribute to peace, stability, and prosperity.

Mission statement
We work to empower Syrians to take their future into their own hands and to achieve freedom, dignity and social justice.

  • Human Dignity
  • Accountability
  • Service to One’s Community
  • Social Justice

Facts & Figures

Inside Sessions


  1. Security and Democratic norms

    Security: accessing local councils is difficult when roads are blocked by bombardment, sniper fire, hostile checkpoints.

    Democratic norms: local government has not been particularly democratic in Syria during reign of Assad family. Difficult for new traditions and ways of doing things to take root. Requires lots of training, and patience.

  2. Armed Actors and Cross-Border

    Influence of armed actors: Syria is at war and local councils are vulnerable to intimidation or co-option by the many armed groups active throughout the country.

    Restricted cross-border movement: challenge of moving project staff from Syria to Turkey and vice versa. Forces heavy reliance on remote monitoring.

  3. Political Context

    Sectarian historical rivalries make governance work particularly delicate. Local and provincial councils also have to navigate complex array of actors.

SYCAC Approach

  1. Strong Local Networks

    SYCAC has strong networks with local governance actors that date back to the beginning of the revolution. These networks enable us to navigate a challenging political context and to help our partner councils thrive.

  2. Embedded Advisers

    Our embedded advisers are in daily contact with the councils and part of the communities the councils are serving. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and help us to stay on top of local trends and never lose sight of the needs of our partners inside Syria.

Our Partners